From local agricultural waste to heat, fresh, power & bioethanol

From farm-size (0,5 Mln l/y) to medium-size (20 Mln l/y)

Ready-to-Built in Italy and Serbia – Ready-to-Scale in the World

Why Hephaestus is one-of-a-kind?

Hephaestus is the AgriBioEnergetic (ABE) District for 6G-bioethanol: from no-food crop to 3 energies and bioethanol by an innovative match of state-of-art and property technologies. You can solve problem of power. You can have heat and fresh at every time. You can have also the only real green petrol.

We are able to build each every district in 2 years and pay-back in next 5-7. Then is the most solid and profitable bioethanol project in Europe because we can guarantee the whole local supply chain for 20 years (till 7,000 l/ha – 750 gal/ac). We are able to create and scale the same district everywhere because we don’t need incentives from the government. Technical and financial advisor declared it “bankable”.

“Some people build plants. Others build and guarantee whole districts. We are expert only in second one.”

For Investors

One-of-a-kind 6G-bioethanol production with IRR>20%

For Environmental

Clean energy,sustainable cultures & bio fuel in 1 project

For Farmer

20-years agreement about no-food scrap with safe income

For Government

Top-tier social, environmental and economic development

Who We Are

Mr Quaresmini

Mr Quaresmini

Chief of the project, CEO of Quare Srl

Mr. Quaresmini is one of best italian experts about combustion and agri-cleantech. Over 30-year career he designed and built dozens industrial plants, mainly “waste to energy” ones. Some notable projects are the first agriwaste-to-energy CHP plants in Italy (Finale Emilia, Casei Gerola and Portogruaro), the first waste-to-energy plant powered by chicken manure and rabbit manure and several design for large municipal waste-to-energy plant over the world (Italy, Malta, Dubai…). He also develop full-scale high-efficient sorghum crops.

Team includes other several experts from agronomists, farmers and agricultural researchers to mechanical, civil and electric engineers.

Giacomo Senaldi

Giacomo Senaldi

Manager Waste & by-products plants & recycle Expert


Main Partners

Ready-to-Build districts

  • 3 equal one-of-a-kind ABE districts in Northern Italy

  • Northern Italy advantages: top infrastructures, modern agricultural region, Italian technical design (plus very auspicious government incentives)

  • Declared bankable by technical and business advisors.

  • More than 30,000 hours to solve any potential technical, economic and social barriers

  • Available agreement: 20-years biomass supply chain, electrical supply chain, top-tier manufacturing producer, commitment to purchase industrial land, international biomass scheme

  • R&D (10 years and 10M €): crop selection, seed selection, weather studies, farmers’ agreement, best technologies for harvest and bioethanol production.

Contact us for Business Plan

Throughput capacity:

180,000 t/y

Installed Thermal

power: 94 MW

Available electric

power: 25 MW

Bioethanol production:

25 mln l/y(6,7 mln gal/y)

Minimum required investment: 28 M€ (whole project) – 10 M€ (1 of 3)

Ready-to-Scale in the World

  • Replicable one-of-a-kind ABE districts in Europe, Russia, Asia, Africa or Northern America (upgrading possibility in US and Brasil)

  • 1-1,5 year preliminary feasibility confirmation (mandatory) to get project ready-to-built

  • Modular project declared bankable without government incentives by technical and business advisors.

  • R&D experiences (10 years and 10M €): crop selection, seed selection, weather studies, farmers’ agreement, best technologies for harvest and bioethanol production

  • More than 30,000 hours experience to solve any potential technical, economic and social barriers.

  • Available agreement: top-tier manufacturing producer, international biomass scheme

Contact us for feasibility study

Step 1

Find right location and crops

Step 2

Financial index & agreements confirmation

Step 3

Ready-to-Build ABE district for 6G-bioethanol


Build and get operative in 18 months

Initial required investment: 175,000 € (financial index confirmation, 1-1,5 year)

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